Associate Native American Studies Teacher

St. Joseph Indian School   Chamberlain, SD   Full-time     Education
Posted on May 12, 2023

Summary of Position

The Associate Native American Studies Teacher is responsible for the instruction of students, organization of instructional lessons and implementation of the Native American Studies education curriculum. The Associate works in conjunction with the Native American Studies Lead Teacher promoting culture across campus and as part of community outreach. This is an exempt position.


Reports to the Director of Mission Integration  

Core Responsibilities

  • Supports and models the Catholic Mission and the Native American Culture that are the foundations of St. Joseph’s Indian School.
  • Promotes a reclaiming environment for all students through the Circle of Courage.


  1. Implements the Native American Studies educational curriculum in a classroom setting.
  2. Accurately evaluates and records student achievement and progress.
  3. Promotes teamwork and open communication through regular participation in discussions with other staff who also directly supervise student, i.e. houseparents, other teachers, Family Services Counselors, and families of students.
  4. Acts in accordance to the guidelines established by the school administration to provide effective supervision and quality education.
  5. Works as part of the Mission Integration team Team, promoting positive aspects of the Native American Culture and Catholic Religion both on and off campus.
  6. Assists the Native American Studies Lead with staff development, education and other opportunities for staff to gain knowledge about Native American Studies, through the development and implementation of cultural competence training.       
  1. Assists with spiritual activities and ceremonies across campus. Examples include, but are not limited too.
  • Student Cultural Trip
  • Inipi/Drum Group
  • Dance Club
  • Powwow
  • Lakota Mass
  • Prayer Services
  1. Assists with requests for education and performance by groups outside of the organization, in the promotion of Native American Culture.
  2. Works toward professional growth by attending workshops, visiting educational facilities and taking continuing education courses, including continual course work to gain proficiency in the Lakota Language as needed
  3. Reports immediately, any type of abuse, neglect, suspected or alleged, as well as any serious accidents or illnesses affecting the student.
  4. Completes other responsibilities as required by the Native American Studies Lead.


  • Lakota or Dakota language certification preferred
  • Knowledge of Native American culture and traditions
  • Experience working in a classroom setting preferred